The Trinity Team

These Are The Most Amazing Group Of People God Has Put Together In One Team

                                                                  Board Of Directors

Linda Brooks Horton, Chairman / Executive Director: Mrs. Brooks Horton is a Business Owner and an avid to serve the community in various volunteer capacity especially the homeless. She convene regularly scheduled board meetings and shall execute on behalf of the corporation all contracts, documents, as well as overseas the development of programs and other instruments required or authorized by the Board of Directors for the proper and necessary transactions of the business of the corporation.



Monica Vega, Vice-Chairman: Ms. Vega is a Registered Nurse Practitioner with a passion for Overseas Missions with a desire to help others. She presides over the committees on special subjects as designated by the board and participates in all meetings and will take the duties of Chairman in her absence and on behalf of the corporation by conducting procedures in the same force and effect as it were executed on behalf of the corporation by the Chairman.



Karen Miranda, Sec/Treasurer: Ms. Miranda is a Surgical Registered Nurse who is always there to help those in need.   She is responsible for keeping records of board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending information out about   various announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member. She also presides over the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to board members.



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