The Trinity Team

These Are The Most Amazing Group Of People God Has Put Together In One Team

                                                                  Board Of Directors

Linda Brooks Horton, Chairman and Executive Director of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards.  She is a Certified Nonprofit Consultant, and Founder/Manager of The Nonprofit Lady, LLC., which is a Nonprofit and Business consulting agency. Her aim is to educate, serve, and support the development and advancement of start-up corporations; in planning, in organizing and in governance. Her passion and specialty is in Non-Profit Development, 501(c)(3) and Start-Up Corporations within the community, throughout the state and around the nation. Wholeheartedly spends her days doing something to help someone else.



Dr. Tonya Howard Calhoun, Treasurer of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards.  She is an Advocate, Educator, Coach, Author & Consultant.  Specializing in Volunteer Management and undertakes complex assignments. Possesses advanced knowledge in all aspects of nonprofit management. Applies strong strategic planning and analytical skills to inform senior management of key trends and improve organizational capacity. Operates with a strong sense of urgency and thrives in a fast-paced setting. She is the founder of Altruistically Yours, LLC which provides consultation and support for every component of your volunteer program.

Sandi Pruitt, Co-Chairman of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards.  She is a Public Relations and Community Development guru who provides a wide range of services including Administrative and  Management consulting; Community Outreach; Media/Public relations; strategic planning and capital development and fundraising. She is the founder of SEPruitt Consulting Agency specializing in grant writing; strategic planning; policies and procedure development, project planning, community outreach, media/public relations, along with board development.


Pauline Brown, Secretary of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards.  She is the First Lady and Renowned Ministrer, Preacher and Teacher of Liberty Hall House of God.  The President and Aministrator of The Women's Ministry. The organizer and founder of the Intercessory Prayer Line. A loving mother, caring grandmother and truly a strong woman of faith, resilience and determination. A hard worker, a motivated leader and one who can bring peace in the midst of a storm.

Pastor Richard Barnette, Vice Chairman of The Nonprfit Trinity Awards.  He is the Man With The Voice, is a Preacher and Teacher of the Word.  He is the  Pastor of Righteous Global Anointed Ministry, founder of R and T Travel, and RTAP (Righteous Truth Anointed Productions). His objectives are to utilize his gifts and talents which includes: public speaking, writing, the arts and entertainment. He truly enjoys his family, working in the church, being on the Radio, doing a TV show, working with youth, directing a drama, and definitely walking on the beautiful beaches wherever he can.


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