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The Awards Program


We began deligently in 2011 and each year since 2012 The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc ~ A 501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization~ hosts an Award Ceremony Program that supports, encourages, and motivate Small Nonprofit Visionaries & Volunteers for the dedicated work and positively impacking lives of those in local communities and beyond, as they truly make a difference in this world. The program accepts public nominations of outstanding local individuals and small nonprofit organization that displays the potential for growth and that has already made an impact their neighbourhoods. Even though a trophy is not enough to show appreciation, but the symbol of an award speaks volumes of the hard work and dedication that the individual, the staff, the board, the volunteers, and the supporters display.

The Youth Award Recipient - Jasmine Warren-Jackson

She established a community Youth Group Initiative at the early age of 12 years. It was established to educate and rejuvenate the youth and teens in her community about the importance of being physically active and adopting a healthy lifestyles habits. Even during the development phase of her organization, she had to struggle through the trauma of being bullied in school each day. On the outside, she kept persevering. On the inside, her self-esteem was diminishing, and eventually was diagnosed with ADHD and Depression with Anxiety. Along with that, she developed several medical issues over that short course of time. But this young lady did not let that stop her. Through faith, she fought her way through to recovery, es

pecially wanting to continue her work focusing on leading her Youth Group. She even applied and was awarded 2 mini grants through Youth Venture and Youth Service America to assists her with her community service project. As the years past, she continued doing community service projects workshops. She recently conducted one called “Get Albany Youth Moving” and another called “Facing Childhood Hungry in the Albany Area”. Unfortunately, just a few months ago, this young lady had suffered a stroke, which left her with a partial loss of vision in both eyes, and a loss of movement at times on her right side. But being under great medical care, she is now on the road to recovery. She still has a “go – getter” spirit and continues to also lead her community youth group, 19 year old, Jasmine Warren-Jackson.

The Educational Award - The Well Discipleship Training School, Inc.

Is a post-secondary School for young adults, interested in spending 3 years of intense biblical and hands-on training as "real life" missionaries in the thriving city setting of Atlanta, GA and beyond. Most of these students are also in community college pursing their Masters and Doctorates. This school has literally moved into the ghettos of south west Atlanta and through hard work, dedication, discipleship, college ministry outreach, and community service, they prayed out or brought salvation to prostitutes, drug dealers, and the wayward within their community. Before The Well discipleship school got there people were terrified of not making it to the end of the street, in fear of their life. Now people can walk up and down a clean and clear Street feeling a sense of peace. The Well, Inc. has made a positive change in the life of many, because The Well, Inc. is not only a school, but it’s also a real life outreach.

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