2018 Winners & Highlights

Honoring Visionaries & Volunteers For Making A Positive Difference In The Lives Of Others

2018 Nonprofit Visionaries & Volunteer Winners

(Everyone Is A Winner At The Nonprofit Trinity Awards)


  1. Club Xhell Youth Life Center, Inc.                              -        The Performing Arts Award

  2. Vertical Church ATL, Inc.                                            -        The Ministries Award

  3. Mothers Daughters Sisters Against Breast Cancer        -       The Health Awareness Awards

  4. Ladies Butterfly, Inc.                                                     -       The Cruelty Prevention Award

  5. Sally Cottrell                                                                  -       The Adult Female Volunteer Award

  6. Ankur Chaterjee                                                             -       The Adult Male Volunteer Award

  7. Jasmine Robinson                                                          -       The Young Adult Volunteer Award

  8. Jada Perteet                                                                    -       The Youth Volunteer Award

  9. New Life Community Ministry, Inc.                             -       The Community Outreach Award

  10. Our Time 21st Century Seniors, Inc.                             -       The Charity Award

  11. Fly Life, Inc.                                                                  -       The Mentorship Award

  12. Lite House Partners, Inc.                                               -        The Educational Award

  13. Bishop William Harris                                                   -       The Lifetime Awards - Male

  14. Annie Kynard Hackworth                                                   -        The Lifetime Awards - Female

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