IT WAS AWESOME !   IT WAS SUPER !   IT WAS GREAT !                                                         So We Will Be Back In 2019

Feeding The Hungry

Caring For Animals

Community Clothing Drive

Violence Prevention

Helping  Needy Children 

Amateur Sports Groups 

Community Clean Up

Performing Arts Projects

Thank For Your Support

We Are A registered 501(c)(3) Exempt Organization. Your Donations Are Tax Deductible.

Across the world there is much suffering, poverty, illiteracy, sickness, elderly, at-risk youth etc. Federal and local governments do what they can to help, but are not always able to reach the poor and the needy in every local community; so this is where nonprofit, charitable organizations become so important to society.


These small nonprofit organizations operate from miniscule budgets, little resources, and depend highly on their volunteers; they are the ones who go above and beyond that extra mile to provide charitable services and generate whatever funds possible through philanthropy events.  They devote their time, passion, efforts, skills and even their own resources to unconditionally help, heal and to give hope to people in need. They work wholeheartedly within their communities not expecting anything in return.  This is why The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc wants to give “A Tribute To Helping Those Who Help Others.”

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